Indovisi SMS

Indovisi SMS 2.8

Send and receive SMS by connecting your Pocket PC to your mobile phone

Indovisi Sms is software for WindowsMobile 2003 to retrieve or send your SMS with your mobile phone through IR or Bluetooth connection.

Key features of Indovisi SMS include:

  • Read & delete SMS from your handphone
  • Send SMS from your pocket pc
  • Multiple recipients
  • Import SMS from SimpleSMS & MPhone
  • Export SMS to text file
  • Infrared & Bluetooth connection
  • SMS Quick Reply
  • SMS Prefix + Option to save SMS Prefix
  • Rebuild Database > Lookup Contacts
  • Sync PhoneBook
  • Support Real VGA resolution
  • Searching SMS
  • Send Flash SMS
  • Override button / Mapping Button
  • Customize your sound when Receive, send, or new SMS arrived
  • Linked SMS up to 6 SMS or more
  • Change font type(support clear type font)
  • Emoticon support

A much easier way of composing SMS messages when you have both your Pocket PC and mobile phone handy.

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Indovisi SMS


Indovisi SMS 2.8